Christmas Games Dress Up

A Reindeer, Christmas Elf, Santa and Snowman lack inspiration for Christmas Dress up Games. They desperately need a creative fashionista to put together some imaginative costumes and create a Christmas story for kids with a number of ingenious dress up ideas for the upcoming magical night. Hurry up! The clock is ticking!



If you lust after free dress up games that are chic and fashionable for a long time, try this one and enjoy the colorful theme of Christmas. Invent your unique costumes or use shuffle option to see the suggested Christmas outfits. These free dress up games are not just dress up games for girls; so many boyish outfits are waiting you, as well. Start this Christmas season with the most miraculous Christmas games for kids and share your experience on the social networks.


Halloween Party Hidden Objects

Four little fairies were chosen to organize the Halloween Party! But they need someone to help them because they’re looking for hidden objects. The problem is that they have lost the keys to their houses and now Halloween party decorations are trapped inside.



Would you be the hero who saved them by recollecting each and every hidden object they need for the upcoming event? Play impressive free games for kids and prove your abilities to solve this enigma. Party games of this kind are becoming number-one fun games for kids all around the globe. Take part in a carefully planned adventure and save the day of the four poor fairies.

Halloween Hidden Object Games are free games for kids that you will enjoy playing. Be prepared to be taken on a marvelous adventure in these fun games for kids.

Dots Clicker

Fellow clickers, get ready for a cookie clicker – like dots game!
We present to you a new game free for Android – Dots Clicker!
Clicker games are waiting for a master clicker!



The gameplay of this clickers game is quite simple, just like in all the cookie clicker games that are also addicting games. All you have to do is start clicking on the big dot in order to create more dots of the same color. Your goal in these clicker games is to change the color of the background completely. Better hurry up, because in this dots game the dots won’t make themselves – well, not without the help of dots hero! Don’t be lazy! Click it like you mean it!

While playing this clickers game you collect dots by clicking on the largest dot. With the dots that you have collected you can go to the dots store and trade the dots for some amazing upgrades. Rest assured that these upgrades are very helpful in these funny games. This is a true fun for mobile! Become a fast clicker in these cool games that are clicker games! Get Dots Clicker now!

Predator 2048 puzzle plus game

Become the Predator among Predators!
Prove your brain power with one of the best addicting games!
Solving these logical puzzles you’ll become true Predator fish!



How to play Predator 2048:
Swipe to move the tiles left, right, up or down
When the tiles with the same fish touch they merge into one new
When the ultimate fish is created these fishing games are over

Features Predator 2048 :
Compete with your Facebook friends for the title of the Predator 2048
Predator 2048 is translated in over 20 languages
Turn on or off the sounds of funny fish while playing

Puzzle games 2048 are cool games, especially if you add some fishing to it. Get free games 2048!

Are you ready for the latest brain games? In this version of 2048 there is a lot of fish with attitude from the fish world! Prepare to meet some cool predators. It’s time for predator evolution! Your task is to swipe in order to move the tiles with fish predator. When two tiles with the same fish touch, they merge into a new fish hunter. When you create the ultimate predator fish you win. Fishing games have never been this fun!

Bubble Shooter Candy Saga 2014

Experience new candy crush game and the best bubble shooter!
Be a bubble breaker and play this bubble mania!
Get this new candy crush saga for Android!



Bubble Shooter Candy Saga 2014 features:
* Over 10 000 levels
* Playing in two different environments
* Play Single Player or choose Single player vs Candyman
* Colorblind mode with special candy
* Select bubble sensitivity
* Turn music and sound effects on/off

Are you ready for bubble games 2014? A brand new bubble struggle is waiting for a real candy star shooter in bubble town. Enter this bubble land saga and become a bubble star. With this bubble shooter game you will never be bored. Get this free game, and play the latest candy crush saga free!
New candy pop saga is finally here! Bubble Shooter Candy Saga 2014 is joining all those bubble games that you love. Inside sweet candy crush saga be a part of bubble shooter legends. This bubble epic saga is a bubble pop game that can be played by all bubble heroes. Stop wasting time and get this fun candy invasion game with bubble deluxe and candy crush!

Make a Cake – Cooking Games

Once upon a time there was a wicked witch who captivated fairies from the land of fairy tales. Only Popsy escaped but she must make a cake to save her friends. Join this magical journey and be a hero in this COOKING GAME.


Get it on Google Play

Get ready for the fight against an evil witch and participate in this exciting cooking story! Be a cake maker and help Popsy in this cooking cake game by making the most beautiful cakes that will put a witch to deep sleep. While she is asleep, Popsy will rescue her fairy friends. Beware! If you don’t bake and dress up a cake on time it will fall apart and the evil will win.
This android game is made of several free games and playing of each starts with choosing the cake that is to be made on cooking dash according to the game play rules. Cooking class starts with cake recipes for making a birthday, a wedding, a monster, a romantic, a sweet shop cake, a cupcake.
Cooking games for girls and boys are educational games for kids, because they are entertaining and teach them how to cook by giving them cooking recipes. All cake games in this cooking app can be repeated as many times as you want.

How to play Make a Cake – Cooking Games:
♥ Download the game
♥ Press “PLAY” button to start
♥ Choose the baking recipe
♥ Once you choose a cake the cooking timer will appear on the screen
♥ Click on the ingredient which moves up and down
♥ When all ingredients are on the table, tap on each respectively to throw them into the bowl
♥ Start a baking process by clicking on the bowl
♥ Tap on the oven to finish the baking cake
♥ When the cake is on the table, dress up it by clicking on the glowing game objects
– The first three objects have static elements that appear on the cake
– The other objects have movable elements, you must touch the cake for elements to appear. You can tap more than once
♥ On the left side of the screen you have 3 buttons:
– tap on the cake(as many times as you like)
– move elements
– undo button
♥ On the right side of the screen you have 4 buttons:
– maximize
– minimize
– shuffle
– finish button(You must click on the finish button before the time runs out)
♥ After finishing the game you can
– save image
– set image as wallpaper
– set as contact icon
– share on Facebook
– start over
♥ In order to control the game while playing, you will notice the menu button in the upper right corner of the screen. On clicking the menu you can
– turn on/off the sound
– pause
– start again
– reload
– exit
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