Wizards Time L.L.C. is an entertainment and media company founded in October 2012. This company is created with an enthusiasm to become a part of games industry and to be among the best companies which make games for children for all platforms.

We design games for kids that are meant to be entertaining and to make them happy.

The actions of all games take place in imaginary world of magic, fairy tales and magical creatures. All characters from the games, which are intellectual property of Wizards Time`s team, are guides throughout the game and helpers in solving the tasks. All games are interactive, and made with the purpose to educate girls and boys alike. Children from all around the world can enjoy playing these games, because games are translated to several world languages.

Since its inception, the most important task was to be successful in the world of mobile applications and games as well as to become a brand recognized world-wide. Wizards Time company is growing bigger day after day, by virtue of game and music development. All music apps have millions of users world-wide and more than 500 associates in musical industry.

Wizards Time company is founded in Serbia, and is a group of marketing experts, great developers and great artists from all around the country. The company, the team of which is growing, is open to hiring new, ambitious young people who want to prove themselves.



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